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The Do It Different Marketplace

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In a world where it seems like we are constantly being told to consume and partake in capitalism it can feel hard to find brands/products that are aligned with your values.

That's where we come in. 

The Badges

Our badges allow brands to let their customers know they can use their products with pride. Consumers are more likely to support brands when those brands are aligned with the customers morals, ethics and values.

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The Brands


Mossou Beauty

Moussou brings healing, protection and moisture to the skin. Created by a woman of the West African diaspora, Moussou is a shout in the dark aimed at empowering and highlighting the benefits of shea butter and other natural resources through its skincare products.


Bruja originated from my long line of family decedents. I grew up in an extremely spiritual household, and tapped into my spirituality at a young age

Love My Acne

Love, My Acne is a brand that gives people with acne, scarring, and hyperpigmentation the platform they need to be confident and comfortable in their own unique skin.

Steli Cosmetics

Steli Cosmetics LLC values the beauty of nature above everything else - and that is why our products work.

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