Mossou Beauty

Moussou is an all-natural skincare brand. Moussou means “woman,” deriving from the Malinke tribe of Guinea, West Africa. Moussou brings out the all-purpose power of shea butter. Moussou brings healing, protection and moisture to the skin. Created by a woman of the West African diaspora, Moussou is a shout in the dark aimed at empowering and highlighting the benefits of shea butter and other natural resources through its skincare products. Moussou’s ingredients are all natural including shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, vanilla essential oil, mango butter and more. The Moussou Beauty brand represents every woman. We know there is beauty in diversity. Every shape, size, color, ethnicity and race is welcomed in our tribe. We all have skin that needs to be taken care of and prioritized. Together we are vibrant, nourishing, fierce, brave, powerful, multifaceted and diverse.