What is Do It Different

The only constant thing in life is change. To be truly alive is to live life constantly out of your comfort zone. To constantly be growing, to constantly be overcoming, to strive rather than survive is the ultimate virtue. Life is a journey and like in any journey tools are required to ensure success. Humans have been able to evolve thus far thanks to our creation and utilization of tools. Tools to hunt, to cook, to eat, to sleep, to relax, to communicate.

Perhaps the most versatile and revolutionary tool is the Mobile Phone. Constantly mislabeled and stigmatized as a time wasting machine the Mobile Phone can easily become a tool for transformation in mind, body and overall quality of life. Do It Different is committed to the education, integration and application of technology as a powerful tool for maintaining positive Mental Health and understanding the psychology behind how and why having a phone constantly in your hand has become synonymous with absent mindedness.

Through masterclasses, media, events, books and articles we aim to educate and encourage the use of technology as a powerful tool for transformation. Do It Different is an organization dedicated to creating and maintaining a symbiotic relationship between humans and technology.

Our January Masterclass hosted at HolyRad Studios

We are at a crucial point in time where the lines between wether we need technology or technology needs us are more blurred than ever. We find ourselves using these mini computers that are more powerful than the computers that were used to send humans to the moon in ways that not only seem to waste our time but actively negatively effect our lives and the way we live. Do It Different is a way to open up some of the conversation surrounding technology and the taboo that has become constantly having a phone in your hand.

The essence of Do It Different is using technology as a powerful tool for transformation rather than a time passing device. Advancements in prosthetics and medical science are the more notable ways that technology has reshaped the landscape of society but more subtle tools exist that when utilized on a individual basis can help transform technology into a powerhouse of productivity, reliability and transformation.

If society is an ocean and we are all just drops in that ocean then to change the world we must change ourselves for the better. we must recognize our traumas, pitfalls, pain, struggles and face them head on to not only change our lives but to change the lives around us and the lives around those lives as well until the world is free of hate, hunger, crimes against humanity and so much more. All of these are problems we have caused due to human nature and changing human nature is no easy task. It will be Technology that is the tool that will carry civilization on its path of potential but it is up to us the individual wether we will allow technology to be the tool of our demise or our flourishing.

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